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1901 S 21st St.
Rogers, AR 72758

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The Hahn Family Reunion is changing up a little this year. Every year we talk about having it somewhere else, especially for those who can't handle the heat. I did a survey on the 2018 Hahn Family Reunion event and although only a few responded, it was overwhelmingly decided to have the reunion at our home in Rogers, Arkansas this year. I know it will be closer for some and further for others, but I hope we can have a great turnout.

We have a very large yard and will have plenty of activities for everyone. Possibly a bounce house for the kiddos. Of course, if the weather is too hot, we can go inside.

There are tons of hotels around and ample camping available only a few miles from our home at Beaver Lake (Horseshoe Bend Campground is only nine miles). You can even pitch a tent or park an RV in our backyard if you like.

Please share with all of our great family members and be sure to invite those who don't have Facebook. 

Let's make this the best reunion ever!!!

You can contact Lynn Hahn with any questions at 479-531-1924

Dovey Hahn at a Hahn Reunion

Grandma Dovey Hahn
<Date Unknown>

PLEASE send your reunion photos to me (past and present) so that I can get them added to the web site.

About This Web Site

Hello, this is Lynn Hahn.  I am the son of William (Bill) Hahn and the grandson of Jim and Dovey Hahn.  I live in Rogers, Arkansas with my beautiful wife (Tammy) and our four boys (Andrew, Dakota, Levi and Dustin).

When I was younger my grandfather was always very adamant about all of us getting together for our yearly family reunion.  To Grandpa Jim it was the ideal time to unite the family together.  To me it was the only time I got to see many of my favorite aunts, uncles, cousins etc.

Years ago it seemed like we all lived closer and could get together more often, but as our families grow life scatters us across the country and we fail to get together like we should.  These days cousins don't live around the corner anymore.

There are a few goals that I would like to accomplish with this web site.

  • I would like to use the site to better communicate with our family and increase the attendance at our yearly family reunion.
  • I would like to use this site to share photos and memories of our family reunions so that we can all look back on our family history and so that those who are unable to attend a reunion can see that the family unit is still strong.
  • This site belongs to the Hahn family and I want anyone who would like to contribute to please feel free to speak up.

PLEASE send your photographs (with names, dates and descriptions) and I will get them added to the site.  You are also welcome to send your comments ideas etc.  I will work on this site as much as my time will allow.

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